How to Find God When Nothing Makes Sense

David pretended (i.e., lied) to be a madman to a Philistine king in order to save his life, and used this incident to write the famous lyrics, “Taste and see that the LORD is good.” How does this passage relate to us today?

Into the River

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We want to enjoy a rich and thriving relationship with God while deeply valuing His words; we discovered, much like our religious ancestors, that both can happen when you sing the Bible. We are now singing our way through the Psalms and have been doing so since June 2016. Julie Meyer releases new soaking worship tracks each month in addition to weekly Bible Studies and monthly Interactive Classes.


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What Our Members Say

I live in Hong Kong. Into the River is a wellspring to me. In the busyness of the city, it is my refuge to get away and simply be still with the Lord. Thanks Julie!

Daniel Black

Founding Director of Love Fest Global

I have found joy & peace; I have believed for wonder in singing to God. The word of God has so many texts on singing to God. Listening to soaking music for hours is such a great treat and gift.

Barbara Moore

Affiliate Professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver

Treasure the Psalms

Continue to discover God’s goodness as you explore the sacred Scriptures.

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Available on any device, anytime.

Overcome like David

Learn life-changing lessons from David to enrich your walk with God.


What makes Into the River different?

New monthly soaking tracks

88 unique tracks

We want to enjoy a rich relationship with God by singing the Bible. Stream exclusive soaking worship tracks, inspired from the Psalms of David, on any device, anytime.

Prophetic Instrumentalists

Including Maurice sklar et al

We have invited some of the world’s best instrumentalists to accompany Julie as they sing and play music through the Psalms to make singing the Scriptures pleasurable and easy.

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Online Self Paced

Miss a week or a class? No worries. You’re free to review any class at anytime at your member portal. Also, all members are invited to an exclusive Facebook group for discussion and encouragement.


Frequently Asked

Do I have to be a singer to enjoy Into the River?

Not at all; Into the River is for everyone, because God not only loves the sound of your voice, but also because the act of singing helps transform who you are.

Can I download the worship tracks on my computer?
While we are developing an iOS application for this purpose, we originally allowed people to download files, but many ran into issues (because Apple products typically require iTunes, which we don’t use, to facilitate this process). Thus, we began to stream the tracks, so all you need is an active internet connection and a compatible browser.
How do I join Interactive Classes?
Once you sign up, follow the instructions to receive an invite to the exclusive Facebook community. Then, whenever Julie goes LIVE (in this case, on the last Tuesday of each month), you’ll be notified to join. You will then be free to comment, like, or respond as you see fit.
How much is Into the River?
It’s just $14.99/m, or if you sign up for a year, it’s just $9.99/m. Cancel anytime, and there’s a 30 day money back, no questions asked, guarantee.

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